👋 Hello there! I’m a geek technology enthusiast, based in Victoriaville, QC

I currently work in the car industry in IT: while I was initially trained as a first line tech support, I acquired many skills in the programming and system administration spheres as well. I am also currently training to get a few certifications, namely RHCSA and RHCE, so I can further advance my career. Free software supporter (I am a member of the FSF), I have a preference to build self-hosted services for work or home, so I don’t depend on somebody else’s infrastructure, like public cloud.

Besides work, i’m a music fan (listening to many genres inside the big EDM umbrella. To name a few: Trance, Eurobeat, Hardstyle, Liquid Drum & Bass, …), spend too much time gaming online (especially Rocket League)…

…and sometimes I do photo too. I explore possibilities (landscape, astrophotography, …) and do that purely out of curiosity. I like to go « Under the hood » and see the mechanics behind things usually.

About this web site

This domain has been put to many usages in the past (mainly blogging). I also use(d) this domain for image hotlinking and for development purposes. If you are reading this because of (and coming from) an HTTP 404 link, chances are that content was only temporarily hosted and is not available anymore .

I also host a few self-hosted services (a semi-public Peertube instance, as well as private instances of Nextcloud, Gitea, Miniflux, Matrix and Syncthing) for testing and personal use. These are to prevent usage and data tracking from Big Tech. If you are curious about such move, and would like to read about the story from the point of view of a group of friends that built their own self-hosted Twitter-like instance, read on here.

What about the name ‘Bilange’?

This name was given to me as a nickname by friends way back in high school (i’m talking 90’s era here). I started registering this name as a nickname and e-mail addresses onto popular e-mail providers on the internet, thinking I had an unique nickname. Boy I was wrong! I never considered it would overlap with equally fair use by other people on the globe.

If this is your last name, or resembles to your combined first and last name, in true Canadian fashion, I am sorry!

Website’s technology stack

  • All pages on this site were written with the Markdown language, in the Obsidian text editor, using the Jekyll tool as a converter to HTML static webpages. There are no backend processing here, and no cookies needed.
  • A somewhat heavily modified Sakura CSS Preset, with these notable changes:
    • The color theme is Nord Theme, a relatively known theme in the GNU/Linux community. Plus, this theme is not too hard on the eyes in my experience.
    • New in 2022: this website now should respect your choice of dark mode theme, set from the operating system, if the browser sees this setting.
  • The splash screen front page in business card format is based on an idea from Florian Pichler, along with a few CSS bits from his implementation.
  • In photography… :
    • Darktable for photo collection and fine-tuning. Highly recommended free (as in beer) Lightroom alternative
    • GIMP for image retouching
    • Sequator for astrophoto compositing

Professional contact

Here is my résumé, or you can look at my LinkedIn profile.