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Eric Belanger (Bilange)
IT & Hobbyist Photographer


I'm a geek technology enthusiast, based in Victoriaville, QC

I currently work full-time for a manufacturer giving first-hand IT support. I also code a few applications, websites and reports here and there, which ultimately makes me a well rounded, "Jack of all trades" kind of IT guy.

Mind you, I am not a programmer by profession (i've been learning that as a hobby), i was actually trained as a tech support guy in school. Being in both seats at the same time is a two edged swords (twice the work, same position), but it has been rewarding both for me and for the other employees.

Besides work, when not I'm keeping myself up-to-date in whatever IT skills crossing my mind, i'm a music fan (listening to many genres inside the big EDM umbrella. To name a few: Trance, Eurobeat, Hardstyle, Liquid Drum & Bass, …), spend too much time gaming online (cough Rocket League), like roadtrips along with side music and i'm a guarana addict. Who needs coffee anyway?

About this web site

This domain has been put to many usages in the past (mainly blogging), but now has a VCard-style website. I also use(d) that domain for image hotlinking and for development purposes. If you are reading this because of (and coming from) an HTTP 404 link, chances are that content was only temporarily hosted and is not available anymore .

I also host some fediverse services (as of now: Pixelfed, Peertube) for testing and personal use. These are to prevent tracking from the Big Five. If you are curious about such move, read on here.

Software used for this website

  • GNU Emacs along with OrgMode
    • Emacs packages ox and ox-html to publish my orgmode files into an HTML project
    • I based my blogging needs from this tutorial.
  • A heavily somewhat modified Sakura CSS preset
  • The splash screen front page in business card format is based on an idea from Florian Pichler, along with a few CSS bits from his implementation.
  • In photography…:
    • Darktable for photo collection and fine-tuning. Highly recommended free (as in speech) Lightroom alternative
    • GIMP for image retouching
    • Sequator for astrophoto compositing. Also, DeepSkyStacker may do the job but ONLY for pure star photos (no landscape).