I'm a geek web & technology enthusiast, based in Sherbrooke, QC.

I currently work full-time for a canadian retailer in hardware/building materials, focusing on programming web and desktop applications, making sure that any relevant statistics/informations/sales numbers/etc are accessed as painlessly easily as possible.

Mind you, I am not a programmer by profession (i've been learning that as a hobby), I'm more akin to a tech support guy. Being in both seats at the same time is a two edged swords, but it has been rewarding both for me and for my colleagues/users.

Speaking of programming, what's serving this webpage you're seeing is a piece of software that I wrote, in more or less 1000 lines of programming code.

Besides work, when not I'm keeping myself up-to-date in whatever IT skills crossing my mind, i'm a music fan (I listened to EDM, mostly Trance, before it was cool), spend too much time gaming online (thankfully, no MMO games), like long roadtrips along with trance music and i'm a guarana addict... who needs coffee anyway?

About this web site

I changed my weapon of choice for 'blogging' to Twitter since I can usually post whatever I wanna talk about in less than 140 characters. Since I left the actual blogosphere, this domain now has a placeholder contact information webpage. I also use that domain for personal file hosting and sometimes spam my timeline(s) with meme pictures URLs from this domain.

Twitter feed

I use Twitter as a replacement for blogging; since I usually want to shout out short sentences that fits into (or less than) 140 characters, Twitter is a perfect match.

Recent Tweets (Profile URL: http://twitter.com/bilange):


    Relevant general information

    • Spoken languages: French, English
    • Average English knowledge (Reading/writing: 95%, Listening: 85%, Speaking: 65%)
    • Fully involved, without reserve, into whatever i'm getting my hands on, professional or otherwise
    • At a glance: reliability, frankness and discretion

    IT knowledge

    Everything listed below is/was learned outside any courses or formations:

    • Operating systems : DOS 4 to 6 including FreeDOS, Windows 95 to Vista/7, Novell Netware 4, Linux (Distributions: Slackware, Debian and Debian-derived like Ubuntu)
    • Navigation tools : Internet Explorer, Netscape/Firefox, FTP/SSH software...
    • Web site creation: Photoshop/GIMP, (x)HTML, CSS, PHP 4/5, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery
    • Programmation: Basic knowledge of these languages: C et C#, Python, Shell scripts, …
    • Hardware: update and troubleshooting of PC software and hardware
    • Others:
      • Advanced knowledge of OGC-Plus software, as well as it's database suite used (Informix SQL 4.0)
      • Configuration under Linux of: Samba file sharing service, web hosting (Apache / Lighttpd with MySQL), virtual private network using OpenVPN.

    Work Experience

    Technical support and programmer (2006-current)
    Rona L'Entrepôt, Sherbrooke

    • Putting in place and diagnostic of any electronic-based tools used by employees
    • Keep up-to-date store inventory and sales data
    • In outages/faults, diagnostic and repair of any point-of-sale servers and terminals (IBM & OGC-Plus)
    • Creation of Intranet site used solely by employees (In-house formations, dynamic reports and graphs creation)
    • Creation of tools enhancing overall productivity (automation or procedures and reports)

    Technical and customer support (2006)
    Tony Informatique, Victoriaville

    • Advice customers on PC and hardware sales
    • Install, restore and troubleshoot software/hardware related issues on customer's PC.

    Technical support (2003)
    Transports Quebec, Quebec City

    • Diagnostic and applying patches overnight in the first wave of the Blaster (aka MSBlaster or LoveSan) worm attack/infection
    • Installation and update of various operating systems
    • Information gathering on BlackBerry phones and on cellular network's ranges


    2003: DEP, Computing Support
    Centre de formation professionnelle Marie-Rollet, Ste-Foy, Quebec

    DEP's are Quebec Education Minister's "Vocational Studies Diploma", technical studies on a specific field focused on a fast access to the job market. For an overview of the Canadian education system, click here (local mirror); for a more detailed, textual overview of Quebec's education system, click here (local mirror).

    1998: DES, "High School Diploma"
    Le Boisé High school, Victoriaville, Quebec


    Here are many ways to get in touch:

    • You can import my contact information in your favorite program using this VCF file (as long as your program supports VCF files. Most common cases are: Thunderbird, Outlook, Google Mail)
    • If you have a mobile device capable of scanning QR Codes, you can as well scan this barcode, which will import all the information the VCF file above provided:
    • If you can't use the means above, here's some alternative ways to contact me:
      • E-mail:
      • Facebook (or to a lesser extend MSN), looking for this e-mail address:
      • ...or look at my networks page to see even more ways to get in touch.